New Ford Mondeo 2014

New Ford Mondeo 2014 6

From every angle , stylized , dynamic and sporting profile of the new Mondeo indicates promoted design above and below the surface of the sheet .
Go inside and you’ll immediately appreciate the high level of comfort and range of technologies for the ride .
Less striking to the eye, but equally important economical engines even faster follow your commands and emit less carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) .
They complement the new , sophisticated design and smart technology on new Mondeo to provide you with a richer driving experience .
Ordovu kinetic design philosophy , which is continuously evolving , you can notice that the first view of the new Mondeo .
From earlier possesses a dynamic style and his new harmonious lines evoke a sense more elegant movement forward .
The impeccably redesigned interior includes center console with a refined curves and quality materials including carefully selected new fabrics and trims .
Perfectly blended make for harmony and a cohesive sense of design , while modernity ambience accentuated by internal LED illumination .

Ford PowerShift provides the perfect experience drivers – enthusiasts .
It is a new , modern automatic transmission with double clutch that smartly selects next suitable level at the right time , enabling quick changes instantly degree without interrupting the flow of power .
Also , you can enjoy the advanced fuel economy compared to conventional automatic transmission .
In addition to the maximum of efficiency and economy in fuel consumption , Ford PowerShift has a sport mode that allows you to edit degrees without depressing the clutch .

New Ford Mondeo 2014 4 New Ford Mondeo 2014

For the new Mondeo you can select a new generation of turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine with high efficiency , in versions 1.6 and 2.0 liters .
Both engines have improved performance with higher maximum torque at all engine speeds , while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions and have the improved fuel economy .
New EcoBoost petrol engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters and 160 hp engine emits just 158 g / km of CO2 .
Direct injection, different times valve technology and turbocharging give performance as a larger engine , but with fuel economy with reduced CO2 emissions as the use of smaller engines .
EcoBoost engines with higher performance and capacity of a 2.0 liter 203 hp and a fuel consumption of only 7.7 l/100 km ( combined cycle ) .
Without compromising driving enjoyment , 203 hp emitting only 179 g / km of CO2 .
Diesel engines use the latest advanced technology to combine power with outstanding fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions .
Significantly improved Duratorq TDCi diesel engine of 2.0 liters and 163 hp allows for easy , quiet and štedljvu ride with drop to 139 g / km of CO2 in the version with manual gearbox .
With innovative PowerShift automatic transmission with six degrees of dual-clutch , CO2 emissions are just 149 g / km, which is a big improvement compared to a conventional automatic transmission .

New Ford Mondeo 2014 7 New Ford Mondeo 2014

Equipped with speakers and amplifier of 265 watts , you’ll enjoy the professional sound that is rich and detailed even at low power.
Connectivity options are fully covered – connectors for USB , MP3 player and your iPod
Carefully designed center console has graceful curves and high-quality materials and is a real connection between beauty and pure and quality of the final production .
Carefully selected coatings provide a greater sense of luxury , the new LED lighting in the cabin creates a contemporary ambience with elegant sensation .
All this is complemented by a selection of the most advanced systems for audio and navigation .
The new center console above the heads of the driver and companion with integrated switches and ambient illumination were highlights contemporary , decisive cabin.
It is also the ideal place to keep your glasses in the sun .

New Ford Mondeo 2014 5 New Ford Mondeo 2014

Technology lights, are immediately visible .
The clear and long-lasting LED lights improve visibility and complement the striking appearance in the dark .
Offering increased visibility to other traffic participants , new LED daytime lights typically show a high attention to detail to complete Mondeo. Also , this detail stylized design saves energy when compared with felled the lights because it uses the latest LED technology .
Front light changed from long to short , as soon as the system detects oncoming vehicles or pre defined level of illumination .
Likewise , if you discover that the path clean , automatically returns a long light .

New Ford Mondeo 2014 1 New Ford Mondeo 2014

New Ford Mondeo 2014 3 New Ford Mondeo 2014

New Ford Mondeo 2014 2 New Ford Mondeo 2014

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